The Five Nature-oriented Principles

The Five Nature-oriented Principles give direction to the inner child work:

communicatie herstellen Engels1. Restore communication in the body – Between the various body parts our nervous system is the main communication device. Mostly it works on an unconscious level. During the sessions you will be learning to notice energy in your body tissue. At certain locations in your body you will be able to discharge energy that got stuck many years ago. As energy can flow freely again, the quality of communication between our bodyparts increases, the most important result of it being maintaining or even improving of your overall well-being. The communication between body and mind will be getting better, too.

stromende energie 32. Have the energy in your body flow again – Possibly you are dealing with physical and/or psychological complaints. They can be of distcint nature, such as: tension in head and neck, constipation in your intestines regularly, you look at food more like ’filling’ rather than  ’feeding’, getting hotheaded happens often to you, easily, addiction. A lot of these (and other) complaints may have to do with blocked energy. By means of bodywork these blockades can disappear. As a result you will experience your energy flowing again, you will be feeling a lot better, with, for instance, more space to breathe.

reiniging body and soul3. Cleanse body and mind – The body ceaselessly processes information on various levels in our system. The continuous flow of data may cause overload whereby on various locations in the body too much pressure may arise. Some level of stress in the body really is okay, it keeps us going. Continuing build-up of this overpressure may lead to stress (with the already mentioned complaints) and finally to exhaustion. For this reason it is needed to cleanse body and mind from this kind of pollution.

4. See through unhealthy behaviour and letting go of it   – 4website - no-mud- no-lotusUnpleasant early experiences which we could not process when we were young, are the basis of today’s negative convictions about ourselves. Behavioural patterns grown from these negative convictions are not helpful any longer. Because we are not aware of this, we keep on repeating them. During the sessions we will be looking for, and looking at, the sources of these convictions, with which we can invalidate this old behaviour, thus letting go of it.

Voeding als voeding worteltaart Engels5. Put healthy food on your top-priority list again – Through the years you have developed unconsciously a relationship with yourself as well as food, in order to be able to survive and keep on functioning in society. As a result food has gotten the function of filling rather than feeding. During the sessions you will get acquainted with your habits, and you will develop a new, healthy, relationship with food.

Facilitation of all this will mainly be consisting of somatic trauma therapy, Primal Rebirth® therapy, breathing therapy (rebirthing), dynamic meditation, NLP, voice dialogue, visualisation exercises, PSYCH-K.

The thing that really would be helpful in your decision making about what you think would be necessary for your well-being as of to-day is curiosity – nieuwsgierigheid brengt je ergens 2 Engelsabout your self, unto yourself. Suppose you have children, in the second half of their teens, you realize in this period of your life you have the opportunity to pay attention to recurring questions you may have  ”is this what life is all about … always caring … housekeeping, finance,  the children’s sportsclubs?” Somewhere in your system there is this calling, longing maybe even, of getting care of a different kind for yourself … in what way, how, wherefrom … is not clear yet … you can feel there’s more in life, you want to explore expanding possibilities to live your life. You could find answers to questions like:

  • How can I take more space after having been positioned in the background in my family for so many years?
  • In what way do I show myself when maintaining friendships and relationships?
  • What is the effect of my upbringing, how much of it have I practiced myself?
  • What really is good for me, what wishes do I have?
  • What is it that I really dislike, for which I have to make other people aware of my boundaries?
  • How do I avoid  to come closer to myself?
  • How can I improve noticing my feelings, and get connected with my inner child?
  • How will I be able to find inner rest, and stay with it?

Wouldn’t it be great to discover on this website that you can start this adventure really soon? Be who you really are – the possibilities, the wisdom, all is there, within you! The thing is, we were very much pre-occupied, we forgot about it. This is going to be a beautiful journey.

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