4website - Osho Buddha Hall PuneIn the nineties of last century I was already thinking about an own therapy practice. After returning from Poona (India, 2000) with my certificate of holistic masseur, I could not remain just fantasising about it. I purchased all kinds of material belonging in a full practice.

Osho met blauw hoofddeksel 3There is this one filosophy of a well-known guru in India, Osho, which is very important for me when working with people. It says that people who seem to behave differently, can’t be addressed on this behaviour – not as long as they are unconscious about the source of it. As of 2000 I am a follower of Osho: I am a sannyasin, which means ’rebel’ – rebel against all the stuff I learned to be a good person, my nowadays life is more based on openness, creativity, rejoicing life. 

To me, Virginia Satir’s quote, Osho’s philosophy, and my life experience all together form a powerful foundation to do the work. Trauma therapy and systemic work (constellations), together with some other working methods, are beautiful tools to accomplish this, both individually as well as in workshops. On your personal life path, please feel invited to contribute to making yourself more beautiful in who you are, through yourself of your environment, and yes, the greater whole, as well. With each client I am really looking forward to the steps he or she takes in this unique, really meaningful, seemingly endless process of personal development.

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