Purpose of Karuna – coaching with life questions

Essential_Living1A life lesson can present itself when we discover new versions to our once so brilliantly developed survival strategies apparently no longer work, and we got tired of seeking other ways to smoothly continue with our lives. Sometimes we already noticed somehow friendship doesn’t flow as it used to, or we just don’t understand what’s going on, but what we do notice is that something did change in an unfavourable way.

If you want to investigate what is going on, come to Karuna – coaching with life questions. Compassion and respect are available to you for everything which contributed to your development to who you are. Emotions like fear, anger, pain, sadness are very much welcomed. Consequently, you will find involvement, safety and trust with all steps in your search to the source, growth and the way out with regard to the questions you may have – in order to look for and find deepening when and where necessary. As well as warmth and understanding with everything  that you encounter regarding new impressions, feelings and sensations. All this is welcome!

Setting up a basis for the new phase in your life, you will be reconnected to your personal strength, wisdom and vulnerability. There is no good, no wrong. schoolbord - oranje-brique - kunnen wat voor je betekenen Engels 2Everything which pops up is there in favour of you, for you only. It is going to be an interesting walk on the path back towards your essence, rediscovering what you long knew but didn’t remember any more: that you are a beautiful, gentle and sensitive human being, with special, unique, qualities. From this new point of view you can be excited again about who you are. You will look at yourself with compassion because of which there will be less space for the old judgments and ditto habits, for you will be conscious about their source. It will be normal again to live in your heart, from there opening yourself toward all other beauty life has to offer. Because, you know … it’s you who is the hero of your life!

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