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“I can’t explain … almost everything is going well … I’m just not happy!” Do you happen to have these thoughts, too, every now and then, and do they seem to come up more often, lately? And do you sense some sort of stagnation in developing yourself and you don’t have a clue of the source of it? Does this, or do comparable situations, occur to you, too? If you wish to be happier, and to have a more pleasant life, with more contentment of the quality of your life, praktijk Karuna can help you turn the tide forever.   

4website - Aanbiedg orienternd gespr €0 EngelsPossibly you have been contemplating about sharing these experiences with somebody whom you don’t know, looking at and listening to you with a kind eye and an open ear. Maybe even someone who once had questions of the same kind. Karuna, for therapy & coaching just may be the place for you to be: a safe environment for exchanging thoughts and sharing of emotions as well as moments of silence. In case you feel the need to do so, 4website - praten 04 Engelsplease contact us. By phone: 06-21228998 (leaving an sms or voicemail in case your phone call is not answered immediately), or e-mail (praktijkkaruna@gmail.com). Please remember to also let me have your phone number. No charges will be asked when you would like to have a chat about your questions and concerns.


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The source of the word of Karuna is the Sanskrit language. Karuna means compassion, tenderness. It goes without saying that time and time again you are invited to take from these qualities all you need to feel good, and to heal whatever you need to be healed.


Ranjana Wiersema

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