Mission Ranjana

My mission … in one sentence?

Have people move back to their inner strength, by making authentic interactions a natural habit.

You may be thinking “The way I interact with people … that does come from within, isn’t it? I assume that’s authentic.” Well, yeah … however, not exactly. Let me explain. 

Our parents raised us based on the frame of reference given by their parents. Young parents get to work with their parents’ unwritten frame of reference, their not always conscious memories from their early childhood, as well as their wish to ’not do it like our parents used to do it’.

All parents do their best when caring for and satisfying their baby. As so much is unclear, everyone looks for the best for the other and for themselves, v.v.  Whether we like it or not, assumptions will be made. Because we are afraid of not doing it the right way, we do not always test our assumptions, we check whether the effect is okay, we either continue or we adjust them. Unintentionally, new assumptions arise. Initially, young parents share their experiences about parenting with each other. meisje met echoHowever, minor insecurities will arise that can turn into feelings of discomfort. There will be things that will be talked about, in addition to little things that you don’t want to bother the other with. Feelings of minor discomfort may turn into impatience, which can result in dissatisfaction, or even in unfair treatment of each other. Thus the way of dealing with each other is constantly changing. It also happens that tense interactions, possibly softened with a sense of humour, become a new habit. Sometimes one can see an expression of this when young parents want to make something clear to each other in an edgy way.

Despite sometimes unpleasant feelings of insecurity and/or discomfort, we usually continue to find our way. gezicht met echoFor, in addition to the above, something else is going on: we still echo the way our parents used to treat each other and us. Thus, the manner in which we interact with our partner appears familiar to us in a certain way, for which reason in a more or less uneasy way, this echoing is part of our comfortzone. Read more in the chapter Inner Child Work, esp. the forth and fifth paragraph.  

”Making authentic interactions a natural habit” can be accomplished through dis-covering, and meet, our ”Authentic Self”. Does that mean that we lost our authentic self? No. Because of everything we experienced along the way in our early childhood, we have gradually had to hide our authentic self under successive survival strategies. During the coaching sessions you will learn to see through these old strategies, which then gradually lose their effect. balans stralen bijgesnedenAs a result, you will be able to convert judgments you have about yourself into beliefs that will be working in favour of you. Because of this you will grow more and more into your own strength. You will be more grounded. From who you really are you can be in contact with anyone without getting out of balance. Making you softer. Making you more visible. You will feel better, which you will radiate. People will notice. 

Is this what you have been looking for, for some time now? Then Karuna – coaching with life matters will be there for you. Let’s get started. Welcome!


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