Karuna – coaching with life questions is located in the Horstermeerpolder in the community of Wijdemeren, in a premises that used to be an industrial building. The address is: Radioweg 3, Nederhorst den Berg (1394 AR). Locally, the site is known as the ”NERA-building”.

The present owner’s desire is to make the building available to people whose activity is aimed at their clients’ personal growth. This can be guidance to elite athletes or people who want to deliver a top performance in sports, as well as guidance to spiritual growth, or support in ICT.

The site is situated in an area with wild pastures and farmlands managed by Natuurmonumenten. When after a session the client feels the urge to dwell for a while in nature, to be able to contemplate on the experiences during the session, this area may just be the place to be.

         2017-04-10 Radioweg zon in de rug

On the second picture (above) you can see the main entrance, at the top of a staircase. In the building, in the corridor, turning to the left, you will find Karuna – coaching with life questions behind the second door at the left-hand side. – Welcome!

Road maps to the NERA-building, Radioweg 3, Nederhorst den Berg, from The Hague, Utrecht, Amsterdam, Amersfoort and Almere, in case you travel by car:

From Den Haag       From Utrecht      From Amsterdam

From Amersfoort      From Almere

Also, travelling by public transportation is possible: by train to Bussum-Zuid. From there we gladly will pick you up. Or we will drop you there after the session or after the walk in nature following your session.

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