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In December, 2016, we started organizing a monthly constellations day at praktijk Karuna. Every time we meet on a Saturday, starting at ten o’clock, closure at about four o’clock in the afternoon. At approximately half past we will have lunch.  When you have a question or issue you want to be looked at in this specific way, or you are interested in watching how the method works – and would like to join us, please let us know by sending us an e-mail: praktijkkaruna@gmail.com. Please feel free to come and see us.

Also, I am part of Open Vloer, a group five enthusiastic facilitators of systemic work. Every six-eight weeks we organise a constellations workshop at Djoj, Rotterdam.

Systemic work … what’s that? Systemic work is about a variety of constellations: family constellations, constellations for organizations, constellations about sickness and health, for the educational system, etc. The method is executed in a group of participants. Someone who came for a constellation often has been thinking of it thoroughly for some time. In front of the group the facilitator and the person with a question will be talking during a couple of minutes, during which the question is being split up in various aspects. For each aspect a participant in the group will be requested to be its representative. By doing so, during the constellation this aspect will have a voice. Then, the person with the question will be giving each representative a place in the room, he/she does so intuitively; after which he/she takes a seat. Then something exceptional occurs: the representatieves feel connected to one another, as if related in a family. The person with the question is is clear where in the system loyalty exists, or where connection is wavering.  He is witnessing something which he has been sensing during a long period of time. The facilitator will do some interventions in order to obtain some more information which may lead to more insight, or awareness – maybe even to a loving and respectful solution in an until then uneasy connection. Whatever the result will be, after finishing a constellation the group will visibly experience relaxation, representatives as well as the other participants. Often participants take something out of a constellation which is helping for themselves. It is not exactly known how this works. However, that it does work, has been proved thousands of times for many, many years now.

misverstand - piekerenThere are people who don’t have any experience with this method, and have been wondering about a problem for some time. . They come accross this announcement and invitation and would like to have a some insight in teir question, but still need some more time to think about whether of not to arrange a constellation. That really is a pity! The question is: how much longer do you want to rise and sleep with your question? In the meantime, your ‘wish’ for insight or answer may have turned into a ‘longing’, isn’t it? – How would it be for you to contact Ranjana of therapiepraktijk Karuna? Proactively share it! emoticon van triest naar blij tijdens opstelling v2 EngelsYou may feel relieved after having talked about your question which someone who is open minded, looking at and listening to you in an unbiased way. It may be easier to decide to participate. Wouldn’t you like to experience the motion this picture shows … you do, don’t you?  When you send an e-mail, and you would like to talk about your question, please also leave your phone number. Don’t feel uneasy about your emotional state. Look at it this way: the more emotion you experience (it is getting harder to hide it), the more you need to deal with the subject, look it in its eyes. Relief will be your reward. – So: no further delay … take the step … okay? – Welcome!

Participation fee: €70. In case you don’t have an issue, or question, the fee is €40. Please be aware you may be asked to represent an element of the constellation. The mentioned amounts are including coffee, tea, refreshments and tidbits during the day, as well as lunch – unless arranged otherwise.


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