Client Lieuwe

At first, I did not really enjoy therapy at Ranjana’s practice, because I could not escape from participating in the process. She talked about it during the intake, but the seriousness of having therapy hit me during the sessions later-on. I came to realize this arduousness came from within me, as I was not ready to go beyond feelings I was familiar with. Going beyond these feelings is necessary in order to be able to learn to recognize old patterns, see through them, and even sense the moment to go with this old energy.

At present, time and time again I realize what a gift it is having the choice to not go with the flow of this so familiar energy.  

Everybody who has questions, e.g. about the working of these processes inside of us, I recommend to go and see Ranjana. And then enjoy all new insights, as I am enjoying mine today.

Lieuwe P.