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Primal Rebirth® therapy is a spiritual therapy for growth, developed by Omkar Dingjan and Divyam Kranenburg. Actually, the therapy is an investigation giving you the opportunity to get acquainted with your inner child, and to become aware of the fact that the past still is playing a significant role in your life. Key to this investigation is the inner child, as a metaphor for the child you once were.

Primal (i.e. your first life experiences with the accompanying feelings) plays an important role, as the greater part of nowadays problems are rooted in early childhood. The Primal process already starts at birth. The moment the child leaves the womb, it loses the one single spot where in principle all needs were fully met. During birth, as well as the first five, six, years of life, the fundament of your beliefs is being shaped. When your essence is not acknowledged and received you create an acceptable personality, cut off from its natural being. You develop a fixed pattern based on being somebody other than you, on limiting beliefs about yourself and life, and on shame. In addition, you develop strategies in order to be able to cope with it. Often these experiences influence the way you connect to other people.

Early childhood has not been perfect to neither one of us, because we have been raised by people who were wounded themselves, too. They passed it on unconsciously. By going back to that period, investigating determinative situations with the wisdom of the original child and the strength of the adult you are at present, you put right what was done wrong to you. Through this you can heal yourself, and retrieve your natural being. Back to your essence, back to who you are.

By experiencing and feeling the child within you, asking questions, accepting and loving him or her, you are able to discover limiting beliefs and survival strategies, and letting go of them. By acceptance the child can get free from the past and return to the primal state, together with the grown up adult, in healing. Emphasis of our work is focused on strengthening the adult.

In order to achieve this, the Aumm Instituut works with a number of methods and techniques with which a connection with yourself can be obtained, on the level of your body, emotion and mind. You will learn a variety of breath therapy, bio-energetics and bodywork developed by Wilhem Reich, (hot tub) rebirthing,  and interview techniques. Also, Aumm works with Gestalt, family constellations, trauma work, dance, play and sharing. Meditation is an essential part of the work.

The Primal Rebirth® training is an intensive growth and learning process.

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